Gary Morris - A Line Of Dogs

About Gary Morris

In many ways Gary’s journey mirrors that of another great Australian story-teller, Bryce Courtenay.

Both authors had turbulent upbringing followed by successful careers in business before turning to their life passion… writing.

From Telegram Boy to Horse breaker, Dam builder to company Director, Gary’s experiences have built a wealth of insights into the nature of humanity at all levels, resulting in stories that touch a nerve in us all.

A Line of Dogs

1848. The start of Ireland’s Great Famine where the vast majority of the population are dispossessed, starving and dying in great numbers.

The young and beautiful Mary McGrath must leave her ailing grandfather to work for distant wealthy relatives in London, where she is cruelly enslaved, abused and raped.

But her tormentors have not counted on Mary’s iron will and her determination to find happiness and love.